City Trip Marrakech and Agadir

This year, the ReisCIE is organizing a city trip to Morocco!

This year SABA is organising a city-trip to Marrakesh and Agadir, Morocco. The trip will take place from the 28th of March until the 1st of April.

The global schedule of the trip is:

  • Flight to Agadir on Saturday morning (arrival in Agadir in the afternoon)
  • Sunday spent in Agadir and on the beach
  • Bus to Marrakech on sunday evening
  • Monday spent in the city centre of Marrakech
  • Planned activities on Tuesday
  • Some time off on wednesday morning
  • Flight back to Schiphol on Wednesday afternoon

    The trip costs only €250 and includes 5 days in Morocco, flights to and from Morocco, accomodation, bus ticket and activities.

    If you are up for an adventure and want to sign up, click the button below to fill in the form.

    Please note that there are only limited spots available and that there is a payment policy to take into account!
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