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  • Borrel in the B.A.R.

    Borrel in the B.A.R.

    The 20th of November there will be a casual drink in the B.A.R.. You are welcome to join us from 17:00 till 22:00.
  • Welcome To Your Future

    Welcome To Your Future

    It is time! We are happy to present the third edition of Welcome to Your Future on the 12th of November from 13:30. This is the career event where you can find out what the future has in store for …
  • Poolen


    An indescribable desire to play 8 ball-pool? Need a place to watch AFC Ajax take on Chelsea FC? Just want to have a good time with friends? Or all of the aforementioned? Come join SABA on Tuesday the 5th of …
  • Spooktober


    Come celebrate the end of the exams with us on Tuesday the 29th of October at Amsterdamned! Don’t forget to put on your best Halloween outfit or for people who don’t like Halloween put on your best Sint-Maarten outfit. The …
  • Game Night 2.0

    Game Night 2.0

    Game night Since last year’s game night was such a blast, we decided to present our very second game night on Tuesday 15th October from 15:30 till 20:00 in the B.A.R.. Are you ready to play some Jenga, “Mens erger …

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