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SABA Amsterdam

Study Association Business Analytics, SABA, is an upcoming study associating since the summer of 2017. SABA is created by five Business Analytics students of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The study Business Analytics was previously known as Business Mathematics & Informatics. The reason that these students started this initiative, is that there is a big demand on the labour market for students with a BA-background. SABA finds that the companies which are looking for employees and graduates with this profile, need to get more acquainted with Business Analytics at VU. SABA wants to create the bridge between the students and the business life. Next to that, SABA finds it important to create more binding between the students to give them a fun and exciting student life, with beneficial connections as a result.

Students Business Analytics have a mathematic, economic and technical profile. Key aspects of these study are analytical, good in practice, theoretical strong and very ambitious. A student Business Analytics starts with a three-year bachelor programme and a two-year masters programme to eventually become the ideal candidate to turn (big) data into insights. Next to these technical skills, the students tend to be communicative strong with strong and developed characters. Often, they are willing to start a successful career.

With several events such as Welcome To Your Future, inhouse days and business brunches, SABA connects students with potential future employers. The most important goal of these events is to broaden a student’s network to get them more acquainted with all their possibilities. The master Business Analytics is one that can be followed as a dual track, where the other half is filled with a part-time job. Also internship positions and work studentships are interests of these students. Other than the current students, SABA works together with Alubwi, the alumni association of Business Analytics. SABA finds the connection between students and their alumni and between alumni themselves very important.

Interested in a membership, joining a committee or the board? Visit our membership page or send us an email to!