Nice to meet you!

SABA's second board


Kris Winnubst

My name is Kris Winnubst and I am the chair(wo)man of the second board of SABA in 2018-2019. This year I will finish my BA bachelor, after which I want to enroll for the BA master. During my study I went on exchange (to Australia) which I would recommend to all students. When I am not studying or hanging around on the VU, I enjoy cooking, travelling and playing volleyball. I hope to utilize all my knowledge and experience to develop SABA in an advanced study association. You can always approach me if you have questions, remarks, advice or insights concerning SABA, or just want to have a chat!


Thomas Kusters
Vice - Chairman

Hi! I am Thomas Kusters, the vice chairman of SABA for upcoming year. Since this is the first time a vice chairman exists in this study association, the exact responsibilities are quite vague. My main role is connecting students of BA, other associations and other useful contacts with SABA, and assisting the other board members where needed. I also supervise the drinks committee. Next to this, I am finishing my bachelor this year.
If you see me around, don’t hesitate having a chat, and let me know if you need anything, or have nice ideas for SABA!


Iasmina Erdelean

Hey there! My name is Iasmina Erdelean, I am 22 years old and I am in my 3rd year of the BA Bachelor. I am from Romania, so I became the first foreign board member of (hopefully many) future international SABA members. This year, I will occupy the secretary position, so I will be mainly in charge with all the emails, writing the minutes for the meetings, and making the newsletters. My work mainly revolves around the structuralization of SABA. Even though my work is mainly behind the scenes, you will often see me in our members room, so if you need any help, just ask away!


Ruurd Buijs

Hi there! My name is Ruurd Buijs and this year, I am SABA's treasurer. This means that I will take care of SABA’s abundant funds and make sure to keep them safe. During this year, I want to try to set up an official accounting system for the association and standardize templates for budgets and financial procedures. If I am not busy doing all these very important tasks that require a lot of skill and responsibility, I occasionally do some studying, as I am a third years Bachelor student of Business analytics, as well as a TA. Furthermore, I do honours, so don’t underestimate me.

Questions or want to discuss something? You can contact me via email or approach me in the SABA room.


Jamie Kan
Chief External

Hey there! My name is Jamie Kan and I’m the Chief External of the second of SABA. As the Chief External, I will be responsible for the contact with companies and organizing the career events for our students, with the aid of my external committee. 
Currently I am in my third year of Business Analytics and working parttime for a webhosting company as a data scientist. When I have time off, I love trying to cook new things with my friends, travel and watch lots of movies/tv shows. I look forward to my board year and hopefully contribute in SABA’s growth!


Charissa Kertowidjojo
Chief Internal

Hiiii! My name is Charissa Kertowidjojo. For upcoming year, I am honoured to fulfil the role of Chief Internal relations for the second board of SABA. As Chief Internal, I will supervise all committees of SABA, ensure good contact with members and be the main responsible for hosting trips and fun-related activities.
In addition to my board life, I started my year as a second year BA student. I am planning to finish my bachelor in three years and would love to spend my minor abroad in Canada. More personally, I always seek for challenges, love organizing events and spending time with my friends.  In any case, I am really looking forward to this year and will do anything to help SABA through a successful year!