Nice to meet you!

SABA's third board


Willem Bakers

Hello, I'm Willem Bakers. I’m currently in the second year of the bachelor Business
Analytics. I am the chairman of the third board of SABA. As chairman, it is my job to make sure that everything within SABA runs smoothly. I will also communicate with our ‘brothers’ from
WN, so that we can organize larger parties with other study associations. I’m always in for a
great chat and a cold beer, so you find me every day at the B.A.R. Feel free to stop at the
B.A.R. for a great chat and a drink.


Annabel van den Berg
Secretary / chief Interal

Hi!! My name is Annabel van den Berg and I’m this year’s secretary and chief internal of SABA’s 3rd board!

As secretary, I will make sure the newsletter will be sent every month with all the activities and drinks for the upcoming month as well as other important information.

As chief internal, I will take care of all the committees of SABA and make sure the committees are working smoothly. I also aim for a stronger involvement between the students and the association.

So, as secretary and chief internal, I’ll mainly be the communicator between students and the association, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to come by the B.A.R.

I’m really looking forward to my board year and hope to see you all during the activities and drinks!


Jerry Vu


Hey! My name is Jerry and I’m 20 years old. I’m from the frigid North of Leeuwarden and I am SABA’s third Treasurer and will assist our Secretary Annabel in her duties as Supporting Secretary. My job is to ensure we have plentiful money for our members’ tea and of course, make sure our fridges always have a cold beer! And ever hear the phrase “Asian glow”? Well… it will probably refer to me…


Questions or want to discuss something? You can contact me by email or approach me in the B.A.R.



Serhat Bucak
Chief External

Hey there! My name is Serhat Bucak and I am the Chief External of the 3rd board of SABA. I recently finished my bachelor Business Analytics and will start the master Business Analytics in September.


As Chief External, I am the line that connects SABA and businesses. I look forward to organizing interesting career events for the students to enjoy. My free time is spent very wisely and productively by watching shows and playing videogames.


Want to discuss a collaboration between your business and SABA? Contact me via