Welcome new students

Hello there,

Student life is about more than lecture halls and studying at home. SABA, the study association for Business Analytics, is here to help you find out what studying is actually about! We organise a variety of events in which we have our main focus on 3 aspects of the student life.
First: study. Ofcourse studying is part of a students' life and we will do our best to facilitate help for you, giving you links to all important websites and providing tips and tricks on how to tackle different problems.
Next: your career. The ultimate goal of studying, for most, is to get a job and make a lot of money! As SABA we want to put you in contact with BA-Alumni, recruiters from companies and assure you that your future will be bright. This will be done through several events such as Welcome to Your Future and networking events and drinks. Furthermore we can help you build your CV by joining one of our committee's or our board! Besides SABA members gain access to our list of job vacancies and internships.
Last but not least a students' life is obviously about fun. Our goal is to organise drinks every month, in which we bring you closer to students from your year and other years. We also organise a football tournament and a BBQ every year.
All together we hope to help you make the most from your student experience! If you have any other questions about the Business Analytics programme or SABA, feel free to send an email to board@saba.amsterdam.
Good luck and lots of fun with your studies in Amsterdam!