What is SABA?

Study Association Business Analytics, SABA, was founded in the summer of 2017, by five enthusiastic Business Analytics students at the VU University Amsterdam. The study itself is a unique combination of mathematics, programming and econometrics. This combination makes the students highly skilled in fields like data analytics and operations research. SABA has two main goals: to prepare Business Analytics students for their career, and to make you aware of the value that Business Analytics graduates can add to your company.

Working with SABA

Collaborating with SABA can have several advantages for your company. Close to 500 students, both bachelor and master, are currently enrolled to the Business Analytics programme at the VU University, that we can reach with events. If you’re interested in getting in touch with all these students, SABA has several possibilities for you. We have a high traffic website with information about studying, student life and career activities for students. On this website, it is possible to show a logo, a company profile or for example internships or job vacancies for students. Of course, it is also possible to promote events that you organize for students on our website.
Events like an inhouse day, and your internships and vacancies can also be promoted to Business Analytics students through our social media channels such as our Facebook page. These channels have a wide reach among our members, which helps spread your message. SABA is aiming to organize several events throughout the year, such as a Business Lunch, Networking Drinks and the Welcome to your Future event. With these events, we give companies the opportunity to tell something about themselves, and to meet ambitious Business Analytics students at the same time.
If you are interested in SABA and the possibilities that we can offer you, we encourage you to contact our Chief External, Serhat Bucak. You can reach him by sending an e-mail to